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Minggu, 15 Mei 2011

Happy Vesak Day Graphics Comment

This is a Happy Vesak Day Graphics Comment. Graphics comment is a Buddha image that you can make as Vesak greeting card. Apart from being a greeting card Vesak, Buddha images can also be used as Facebook Glitter, and Facebook Comment. So congratulations Send Selamat Hari Tri Suci Waisak to your friends and family, by sending a Happy Vesak Day Facebook Glitter. This year the exact day of Vesak on 17 in 2011. This year's Vesak Vesak 2555 BE. You also can call this image as Kartu Ucapan Waisak. If you do not follow the Vesak celebrations, such as in Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, or Borobudur, you can celebrate Vesak by going to the temple and perform prayer and worship.

Waisak 2555
Happy Vesak Day

Selamat Hari Tri Suci Waisak
Kartu Ucapan Waisak

wesak Happy Wesak Day

Waisak Facebook Glitter

Happy Vesak Day Graphics Comment